The President & Chief Technology Officer of Divine Connect, Mohamed Pazhoor

The AMCC Entrepreneur Showcase 2016 major award went to Divine Connect, who took home ten thousand dollars.

To what do you attribute your greatest sense of pride?

The Islamic Economy Award 2017 is the most recent example of the prestigious recognition we have received. Our dedication to advancing Muslims’ spiritual health through the application of cutting-edge technology has been recognised with this award, which serves as validation and an embodiment of that devotion.

To what extent can you attribute the success of your company to a single, well-executed strategy?

As a result of our company’s close working connection with the General Presidency of the Haramain, we were able to grasp the scope of the issue, as well as their specific requirements, and build solutions that will ultimately help millions of pilgrims who visit the holy mosques.

Tell me the one thing you really wish you had done differently.

It’s true that we had plenty of opportunities to alter our course during the past year, but we made every decision with the end goal in mind.

So, if you could only give one piece of advise to other business owners, what would it be?

One must be open to change – learning, applying, and adapting faster than the market wants – in order to succeed. One must also be realistic about the market need and offer products and solutions that address an unsolved problem.

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