Author/Director Lena Khan of “Sneaky, Sneaky” Films

To what do you attribute your greatest sense of pride?

Thanks to God and many people, I was able to direct a movie (The Tiger Hunter) that was released in theatres around the country and received rave reviews from critics at The New York Times and elsewhere. Several of our former interns have found jobs in Hollywood, and I myself have just sold a TV project and been assigned to helm a major picture, so it’s an exciting time.

To what extent can you attribute the success of your company to a single, well-executed strategy?

I made an effort to collaborate with less-experienced members of my community, including Muslims, in the hopes that we could all advance together; I also came to see that ‘our tales’ aren’t any less genuine or mainstream than any others. Thanks to that, I was able to diversify my content in a way that was sought after by the market.

Tell me the one thing you really wish you had done differently.

My only regret is that I didn’t raise more money for advertising before our film unexpectedly scored a national distribution agreement and we had to scramble to pay for it.

So, if you could only give one piece of advise to other business owners, what would it be?

Seek out experienced guides, maintain moral standards in all situations, and always improve your skills. Don’t waste the investor’s money by mistreating it.

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